Here are just a few examples of what clients of ours have to say about NORTHLAND EXPRESS TRANSPORT'S services:

Compunet Credit Services, Inc.
We'd like to tell carriers and shippers about the outstanding job you do in the transportation industry.

As a Gold Book Broker, your extraordinary professionalism puts you among the top 10% of Transportation intermediaries in the United States. Being in this elite group is the result of diligence, business expertise and the highest professional ethics. It's what sets you apart from your competition.

That's an important message that your customers and carriers need to hear. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to establish credibility by blowing your own horn. That's where CompuNet can help.

Tell your carriers and shippers to call CompuNet Credit Services to Verify your Gold Book status. We will gladly tell them that you are one of the top brokers in the country. If you want to go one step further in securing a great working relationship, encourage your carriers to check your competitor's status with the CompuNet to determine their payment practices and credit history. It's by comparison that you really shine since only one in ten brokers qualify for the Gold Book.

Give your carriers our toll-free number, 888-269-2237. With one call, they can tap a database of credit references from more than 34,000 trucking companies who report freight bill payment experiences to CompuNet Credit Services. That's a powerful tool - one that can help you on top, as on of America's elite transportation brokers.

Cindy Aldridge,

PS. When the economy is in a slump, you need to use all the leverage you can to stay ahead. We're happy to help, by verifying your Gold Book status for your carriers and shippers.

Sunshine Transport
Just a great company to pull for. Great Dispatch help all they can, pay fast. The best and to heck with the rest.

William Shook
Sunshine Transport

Sawyer Nursery
I want to personally thank everyone at N.E.T for going above and beyond the competition to service Saywer Nursery's freight needs. Deb has done an awesome job as dispatcher and goes the extra mile to cover our loads and keep me informed of driver's progress.

Communication is excellent and service is second to none. The drivers are professional and understand the unique needs of delivering live nursery product directly to the retailer. I want to thank everyone on staff at N.E.T for their hard work and positive attitude during the stressful nursery season. Everyone at N.E.T does a great job and help make spring shipping a lot less stressful for me and my staff.

I appreciate all you've done for us over the years and look forward to many more successful seasons with N.E.T.

Garry Klamer
Traffic Manager

Michigan West Shore Nursery, LLC
We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for all that Northland Express does for Michigan West Shore. We have been very satisfied with the service we have received over the many years that we have done business together. With the challenges of our seasonal business it is great to have a company like Northland that understands our business. We rely heavily on your expertise in transportation to meet the needs of our customers.

The drivers that haul for us are professional, easy to work with and do a great job representing our company. You often provide the same carriers that haul our products throughout the shipping seasons. This makes the delivery process go that much smoother because they are already familiar with our customers and our delivery policies.

The staff at Northland is very easy to work with. We have worked with different staff members over the years, and each one is very professional. Any time there is a problem they are quick to find a solution and get the problem taken care of.

We thank you for your services, and appreciate all that you do.

Bill Palmbos
Transportation Manager

Twin City Foods, Inc
Twin City Foods have been associated with Northland Express for over 23 years. Throughout the years you have always provided excellent service and have been able to adapt to our ever changing lanes and markets. You have been handling a large amount of our frozen loads every week year round. Truck availability has always been at the utmost importance to us and all year long Northland consistently comes through.

The Northland staff has always been professional and conscientious. With the experience of your staff, and the way you truly care about your commitment to us I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated here at Twin City Foods and look forward to many more years of successful business.

Rob Watson
Manager, Traffic & Distribution

Four Star Greenhouse
Four Star Greenhouse had been using Northland Express Transport service for over 10 years with wonderful results.

Proven Winners Brand is the number one plant brand in the United States. We at Four Star pride ourselves on excellent quality and service. Northland drivers have been an integral part of that excellent service. They are professional, courteous and helpful. They take great care with our product and our customers.

I have enjoyed working with the entire staff. They are helpful and go out of their way to cover last minute requests and changes.

Jayne Reddinger
Four Star Greenhouse